Vedanta Share Price: An Overview of Recent Developments 2023

Find out all you need to know about the vedanta share price, including how it works and what factors can affect it.


In recent news, the share price of Vedanta Limited has experienced significant fluctuations due to the termination of its joint venture with Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronic contract manufacturer. This joint venture, aimed at manufacturing semiconductors in India, was expected to be a major milestone for both companies. However, due to mutual agreement, Foxconn has decided to withdraw from the partnership, leading to a decline in Vedanta's share price. In this article, we will delve into the details of this development, explore the reasons behind it, and analyze the potential impact on Vedanta's future prospects.


Vedanta, a prominent company in the market, holds significant importance due to its vast reach and influence. Its introduction and impact on the market cannot be overlooked. With its diverse portfolio and strong market position, Vedanta has become a key player in various industries, including mining, oil and gas, and zinc production.


The company's share price today serves as an indicator of its performance and is closely monitored by investors. It is important for investors and market participants to keep track of Vedanta's share price and understand its significance for making informed decisions in the market. With its wide range of operations and market presence, Vedanta continues to shape and contribute to the ever-evolving market landscape.


Furthermore, by closely following Vedanta's share price, investors can gain insights into the overall health of the company and the industry as a whole. Changes in the share price can signal market trends, investor sentiment, and the company's financial performance. It is crucial to analyze Vedanta's share price alongside other relevant market factors to form a comprehensive understanding of its significance and potential implications for investors.


In addition to its market presence, Vedanta's impact goes beyond financial metrics. The company also plays a crucial role in contributing to local communities and sustainable development initiatives. By actively engaging in corporate social responsibility programs, Vedanta demonstrates its commitment to social and environmental welfare, further bolstering its significance in the market.


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The Termination of the Joint Venture

Foxconn's decision to terminate the $19.5 billion semiconductor joint venture with Vedanta has caused a stir in the market. The Taiwanese company cited the need to explore more diverse development opportunities as the reason for this decision. Both Vedanta and Foxconn have mutually agreed to disassociate the Foxconn name from the joint venture, which now solely belongs to Vedanta.

Impact on Vedanta Share Price

Following the news of the termination, Vedanta's share price experienced a decline of nearly 3% in early trade. The stock opened at Rs 275 per share on the National Stock Exchange and fell to Rs 274.90. While this decline may be seen as a short-term setback, it is worth noting that Vedanta's stock has already experienced a negative return of 12% year-to-date. The termination of the joint venture has added further pressure on the share price.


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Reasons for the Termination

The exact reasons behind Foxconn's withdrawal from the joint venture with Vedanta have not been disclosed. However, there have been speculations that concerns about incentive approval delays by the Indian government may have contributed to this decision. Furthermore, questions raised by the government regarding cost estimates for incentives may have also played a role in Foxconn's withdrawal.

Vedanta's Response and Future Plans

Despite the setback caused by the termination of the joint venture, Vedanta remains committed to its semiconductor fab project. The company has already lined up potential partners to set up India's first chip foundry. Vedanta has expressed confidence in India's semiconductor development and its commitment to supporting the government's "Make In India" initiative.


Vedanta has highlighted its efforts to grow its semiconductor team and has obtained the license for production-grade technology for 40 nm from a prominent Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM). The company is also in the process of acquiring a license for production-grade 28 nm. These initiatives reflect Vedanta's determination to fulfill the Prime Minister's vision for semiconductors and position India as a key player in the global semiconductor supply chains.

Government Support and Reassurance

Government officials have expressed their support for the development of the semiconductor industry in India and have reassured that the termination of the joint venture will not impact the Indian Semiconductor Mission. Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister for Electronics and IT, stated that both Vedanta and Foxconn remain committed to India's semiconductor mission and the "Make In India" program. Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, emphasized that the withdrawal of Foxconn from the joint venture does not affect India's semiconductor fabrication plant goals.


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Investment plans and technology partnerships of Vedanta

Vedanta's strategies and collaborations in the realm of investment plans and technology partnerships are of significant importance. This entails various initiatives aimed at fostering growth, innovation, and competitiveness. Vedanta's dedicated approach towards expanding its operations through strategic investments and forging technology partnerships ensures the company stays at the forefront of industry advancements. By actively seeking out opportunities to invest wisely and collaborate with leading technology providers, Vedanta is able to enhance its operational capabilities, drive efficiency, and unlock new avenues for sustainable growth.


Furthermore, by leveraging these investment plans and technology partnerships, Vedanta can effectively navigate the evolving market dynamics and maintain its position as a prominent player in the industry. This steadfast approach serves as a testament to Vedanta's commitment to embracing innovation and creating long-term value for its stakeholders.


Furthermore, Vedanta's investment plans extend beyond technology partnerships. The company is actively pursuing strategic investments in key areas, such as infrastructure development, research and development, and talent acquisition. These strategic investments enable Vedanta to strengthen its operations, explore new business opportunities, and foster long-term growth. By striking a balance between prudent investments and collaborations, Vedanta is poised to capitalize on emerging trends, capture market opportunities, and drive sustainable value creation.


In a tangible instance, Vedanta's investment plans and technology partnerships paved the way for a groundbreaking project aimed at enhancing renewable energy production. Through a strategic alliance with a renowned renewable energy firm, Vedanta successfully implemented innovative technologies, leading to a substantial increase in its renewable energy generation capacity. This not only contributes to a greener and more sustainable future but also serves as a testament to Vedanta's commitment to leveraging the potential of strategic investments and technology partnerships for the benefit of the environment and society as a whole.


Overall, Vedanta's investment plans and technology partnerships play a crucial role in shaping its growth trajectory and reinforcing its position as a market leader. By consistently seeking out strategic opportunities, embracing innovation, and forging partnerships with technology frontrunners, Vedanta demonstrates its unwavering commitment to achieving sustainable and profitable growth in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Market Analysis and Expert Opinions

Experts have analyzed the impact of the termination on Vedanta's share price and provided insights into the company's future prospects. Gaurav Bissa, VP at InCred Equities, highlighted that Vedanta's stock has been trading in a consolidation phase since March 2023. The stock has faced hurdles at the Rs 295 level and found support at Rs 260. Bissa mentioned that the stock is currently trading below the 200-ema on the daily charts, putting pressure on any upward movement. However, it is trading comfortably above the 200-ema on the weekly charts, indicating a potential trading range of Rs 260 to Rs 295 in the coming days.

FAQs about What Is Vedanta Share Price Today?


What is Vedanta Share Price Today?

Answer: The current share price of Vedanta can be found by checking the live stock market and financial websites or by contacting your stockbroker.

What is the joint venture between Vedanta and Foxconn?

Answer: The joint venture between Vedanta and Foxconn was set up to manufacture semiconductors in India. However, Foxconn recently announced its withdrawal from the $19.5 billion joint venture.

Who is the spokesperson for Vedanta Ltd?

Answer: The spokesperson for Vedanta Ltd is responsible for providing official statements and information on behalf of the company.

What is an Anil Agarwal company?

Answer: Anil Agarwal is the founder and chairman of Vedanta Ltd. Therefore, an Anil Agarwal company refers to any company that he has founded or is associated with, including Vedanta Ltd.

What is a foundry in relation to semiconductors?

Answer: A foundry, in the context of semiconductors, refers to a manufacturing facility that specializes in producing integrated circuits (chips) on behalf of other companies or entities.

What licenses does Vedanta have for semiconductor production?

Answer: Vedanta currently has a license for production-grade technology for 40 nm semiconductors and is in the process of acquiring a license for production-grade 28 nm semiconductors.


The termination of the joint venture between Vedanta and Foxconn has undoubtedly affected Vedanta's share price in the short term. However, Vedanta remains optimistic and committed to its semiconductor fab project. The company has already lined up potential partners and is focused on positioning India as a significant player in the semiconductor industry. With government support and reassurance, Vedanta's long-term prospects in the semiconductor sector look promising. Investors will closely monitor the company's future developments and strategic partnerships to gauge its competitiveness in this rapidly evolving industry.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Vedanta Limited.